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Public urged to observe ‘hygienic way of life’ to avoid illness during high heat this summer


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With particularly high temperatures predicted this summer, the Disease Control Department has warned the public about the danger of five food- and water-borne diseases, including diarrhoea.

It recommends that people observe a hygienic way of life through “Kin Ron” (eating hot meals), “Chon Klang” (using a serving spoon) and “Lang Meua” (washing hands), in order to prevent such illnesses.

Department director-general Dr Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoen on Monday said a particularly hot climate helped accelerate the growth of germs and bacteria that can cause food-borne and water-borne diseases, namely diarrhea, food poisoning, dysentery, cholera and typhoid.

He cited Bureau of Epidemiology statistics showing that this year so far, 144,948 people had suffered from diarrhea (resulting in one death), 15,801 from food poisoning, 196 from dysentery, 155 from typhoid, and one from cholera.

Besides urging people to observe “Kin Ron”, “Chon Klang” and “Lang Meua”, Suwanchai said they should cook meals with clean ingredients and use hygienic methods, washing fruits and vegetables repeatedly, avoiding the use of the same knife and chopping board to cut raw and cooked food together, and generally keeping the house clean.

If falling ill from such diseases, people could initially aid themselves by sipping clean water mixed with oral rehydration salts to prevent dehydration, but they should seek immediate medical attention if the symptoms become severe, he explained.

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