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Restaurant takes no responsibility for cockroach floating in draft beer.


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When the girl realized what was in her beer she called over the waitress to tell her what was in her beer. The girl then asked for a new pint of beer in exchange for the one she had as no one in their right mind would still drink the cockroach infused beer.


When the waitress returned, she asked the customer whether she was going to pay for the beer with the cockroach in it or would she like the waitress to pay for it. The waitress than claimed that the restaurant will not be taking any responsibility for the pint of draft beer as the cockroach belonged to the mall, not the restaurant.


She was shocked to what she just heard come out of the waitress as an explanation to why she will have to be paying for both pints of draft beer. Making things worse, not one apology was given to the customer from the restaurant about the situation. The girl stated in her post that it is not her business to know whom the cockroach belonged to, such information doesn’t really matter when you are served with a pint of cockroach beer.

In her post, she stated “I’m shocked at what had just happened, so I asked the waitress if this is how they treat their customers. No apology was given and all they cared about was money, I don’t care where the cockroach came from or whom it belonged to. I decided to pay right away before giving them my final thoughts about their restaurant.”.


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