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Ricky Martin hurt, but relieved after lawsuit ends


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Ricky Martin’s cousin has dropped the domestic violence charge. TMZ reports this on Thursday. The restraining order against Martin will also be revoked and the lawsuit will come to an end.

The Puerto Rican singer had to appear in court on Thursday to discuss his cousin’s charges. This lawsuit would decide whether the restraining order against Martin should be extended. The restraining order was imposed earlier this month when Sanchez charged him with domestic violence. It was also previously circulated that the singer could possibly end up in prison for up to 50 years for accusations of incest and domestic violence. Martin has been cleared of all charges after Sanchez withdrew his charges.

Sanchez claimed he had a sexual relationship with his uncle for seven months. He said Martin started stalking him when the relationship came to an end. One of Martin’s lawyers has previously called the incest allegations “false” and “disgusting.” Martin’s brother Eric also said that his Sanchez has “mental problems” and that he is not telling the truth.

A few hours after the verdict, the singer made himself heard in a video. In this he indicates that he is very relieved, but also hurt. “Unfortunately, the attack came from a relative. I wish him the best and I hope he sees the light. A lie can do so much.”

The singer indicates that he was not able to defend himself against this lie before, because he was not allowed to say anything about the case until he faced the judge. “Now it’s my day” , continues Martin. “From now on I can start healing. I’m very hurt, but I’m going to find peace.”

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