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Rihanna graces the cover of Vogue with her beautiful baby belly this month. In the accompanying interview, the superstar and mommy-to-be talk about her groundbreaking take on maternity fashion, how the pregnancy is progressing so far and where she and A$AP Rocky plan to raise the baby.

My body is doing amazing things now and I’m not ashamed of it. I should celebrate. Why would you want to hide your pregnancy?”

Rihanna in Vogue Magazine

Over the past few weeks, Rihanna has appeared in one special maternity outfit after another. Her rule: if she wouldn’t wear it before her pregnancy, she wouldn’t wear it now. “When I found out I was pregnant, I thought: I really don’t go shopping in the maternity department. Sorry, but I like it too much to dress myself up. I don’t let that part of me disappear because my body changes.”

One thing is for sure: her maternity looks are much talked about. While they are welcomed by some, there is also criticism. For example, from people who think she shouldn’t dress so ‘daringly’. Rihanna hopes she can change the way we look at maternity fashion once and for all. “I hope we can redefine what is considered ‘decent’ for a pregnant woman. My body is doing amazing things now and I’m not ashamed of it. I should celebrate. Why would you want to hide your pregnancy?”

In addition to the typical maternity clothes, there are even more no-gos when it comes to Rihanna. She absolutely does not want a cliché baby shower, but rather a big party where everyone goes wild. In addition, no one should expect a major gender reveal from her and Rocky. “When we’re ready to tell the world, we’ll just tell.”

So far the pregnancy is going very well, Rihanna tells Vogue: “At first I expected some kind of magical change, but really I just stay who I am.” She has not been nauseous and she has little trouble with mood swings. “I had already braced myself because I knew I didn’t have my normal coping mechanism: I can’t smoke a joint now. But I am positively surprised that everything is going well for me.”

Rihanna has no fear of childbirth. She has often attended the births of friends and family. She would prefer to have her loved ones close by herself. “Maybe I’ll make sure there’s a party bus parked outside,” she jokes. What she does fear is postpartum depression.“Will I feel emotionally out of control? The stories I hear from other women scare me.”

Luckily, Rihanna has her boyfriend Rocky by her side. In the interview, she talks about how their relationship has developed in recent years. For example, she says that he was first in the friend zone, but she can no longer do without him. That they are destined for each other was further confirmed for Rihanna after her mother approved him: “She doesn’t even want to look some of the men I’ve dated to this day in the eye. But she was charmed by him from the start.”

What does she like best about their relationship? “We are transparent about everything: what our goals, fears and uncertainties are. The vulnerability to be able to say to each other how you feel.”

Rihanna and Rocky are now facing the next step in their relationship, which is parenthood. While the baby is more than welcome, it’s not like they planned it this way at all. “But we weren’t holding back either. I don’t know when I’m ovulating or anything like that. We were just having fun. And then the test was there. I wasted no time. I called him and showed it. The next morning I was with the doctor and our journey could begin.”

Rihanna doesn’t know yet where she and Rocky will raise the child. She says it will be a difficult decision. “Rocky recently asked me what my dream place would be. I said that was home, Barbados. That’s how I’ve always imagined it. But if I’m realistic, it probably won’t.” She also doesn’t know yet how she will do it all as an artist, businesswoman and mother. “My mother could also handle the three of us without the amount of resources I have now, so I can absolutely do it too. What will that look like? I do not know yet”

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