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Rihanna: “I’m going to be a psycho mom!”


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Rihanna has appeared at all kinds of parties and fashion shows in the most special maternity outfits in recent weeks. She also looked radiant again at her own event at Fenty Beauty. It’s not easy to look this great every time, according to the artist. “Especially in the third trimester, when you wake up and think, oh, do I really have to get dressed today?” she tells Elle.

According to Rihanna, it’s not just the famous pregnancy glow that makes her glow: “Makeup definitely helps you feel like a real person again. My main focus is on moisturizing and contouring.” The Fenty founder calls it a challenge to dress and make up during her pregnancy. “But I like a challenge. I like things that force me to be creative.”

Rihanna, who has gone viral with her maternity outfits multiple times, tells Bustle were the inspiration for her innovative looks comes from: “I was the one who said, ‘I’m not going to wear maternity clothes. I’m not going to buy maternity pants, jeans or dresses. or do what society tells me.” She calls her style ‘rebellious’.


Rihanna is currently in her third trimester, which means it will only be a few weeks before her baby is born. She tells Bustle that she is not preparing in any special way. “It’s not like I can run from it. If I have to deal with it, I’ll deal with it my way. The most important thing I learned during my pregnancy is that no one can really prepare you. No matter how many stories you hear, you Your own journey is so unique and you can never prepare well enough.”

One thing she knows for sure: what kind of mother she will become: “Psycho”, she tells Elle. And by that, she mainly means that she will do everything for her child. “If you talk about my kids, it’s over.”

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