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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Rising Mekong menaces Nong Khai farms


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The Mekong River reached its highest level of the year in Nong Khai province on Tuesday and was just 1.96 metres below the embankment.


Swollen in the past three days by runoff from rainfall in Loei upstream, the river has risen to 10.24 metres, triggering measures to prevent farmland being flooded.

All three sluiceways at the Huai Luang water gate were closed to protect 30,000 rai of cropland in Nong Khai and adjacent Udon Thani.

Nong Khai Governor Ronnachai Jitwiset said the situation was under control and 15 water pumps were set out along the Huai Luang Canal, ready to drain water into the river or water-retention areas.

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