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Riverdale actor gets life for murdering his mother


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Canadian actor Ryan Grantham, 24, has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his 64-year-old mother. Grantham is known for the drama series Riverdale, in which he played the role of Jeffery Augustine, and for his role in ‘The Life of a Loser.

Shortly after the actor shot and killed his mother, he recorded a video in which he confessed to the murder. The video shows the lifeless body of Grantham’s mother. In the video, the dead woman sits at a piano with her hands still on the keys. Reflecting on the footage of the massacre, Grantham coolly says, “I shot her in the back of her head.”

A few hours after the murder, Grantham had been drinking and smoking heavily before loading his car with machine guns, ammunition, Molotov cocktails and camping gear. He planned to visit Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s country residence to kill the man.

After Grantham drove 200 kilometres to the Prime Minister’s house, he decided to turn around to find a police station and confess to his mother’s murder. The actor also told police that he had considered a massacre at his old university in Vancouver.

The actor’s lawyers said during the trial that Grantham was struggling with anxiety and depression at the time of the murder. He would have thought more often about hurting others during this period. The actor said during the trial that he regretted his actions. “It seems pointless to say sorry for something so terrible,” he said. “But I feel regret in every fiber of my body.”

The actor has been given a life sentence for the murder. He will be eligible for parole after 14 years.

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