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Rockstar confirms authenticity of ‘GTA VI’ images, hacker blackmails creators


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Rockstar confirms authenticity of ‘GTA VI’ images, hacker blackmails creators

A hacker shared images of the unreleased game GTA VI on an online forum for fans yesterday. The creators, Rockstar Games, have since confirmed that the images are authentic. The hacker also threatens to leak the source code if no deal is made with Rockstar Games.

The threat from the hacker seems to give the impression that he has more images. He would also threaten to leak the source code, which could be seen as the building blocks that make up the game. The source code is therefore very valuable. The previous edition of the game brought in more than $850 million. It is not yet clear what exactly the hacker wants in return.

On a forum for fans, dozens of videos of GTA VI appeared yesterday. Anonymous sources from Rockstar Games tell Bloomberg that the leak has come as a big shock because a leak of this magnitude is very rare. The sources confirm that the images are authentic.

Update 4:25 PM
Rockstar Games has released an official statement in response to the leak. “We are very disappointed that details about our next game have been shared with all of you in this way,” the statement read. “Our work on the next Grand Theft Auto game continues as planned and we remain committed to delivering an experience for you, our players, that truly exceeds your expectations.”

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