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Roi Et canal flood barrier unable to stem tide


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A flood barrier along a Roi Et canal that failed last year and again last month is in danger of being fully breached again as the water level keeps climbing.


Water was on Tuesday morning pushing through numerous points in the barrier along the Lam Nam Yang Canal in Selaphum district, flooding half the homes in Ban Khai Noon, Tambon Na Saeng, as well as vast areas of surrounding farmland.

On the canal’s north side, where there is no flood barrier shielding Tambon Sriwilai, 93 homes in Ban Nawee and hundreds of rai of farmland were inundated.

Low-lying areas were under a metre of floodwater.

Water was also seeping through the canal barrier in Tambon Wang Luang, prompting foundation pillars to be installed to support it.

The barrier was also being draped in plastic sheeting to prevent further leaks when another six-metre-long section just 50 metres from Ban Tha Yiam was breached.

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