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Russian tourist robbed in broad daylight at Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya, suspect arrested


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Earlier this week, a Russian tourist was attacked and robbed by a Thai man on the Bali Hai Pier in this coastal town.

the pl. Chonburi Provincial Police Commander Colonel Maykawit Praditphon told the press: “Around noon on Sunday, November 28, a Thai man attacked 56-year-old Alena Seryuk, robbing her mobile phone and a significant amount of cash, after which he fled the Bali Hai Pier at great speed. The incident took place near the lighthouse on the pier, where the tourist unsuspectingly took pictures of the area.”

“She immediately reported the incident to the police and we tracked down the suspect. After the brutal robbery, the fugitive suspect sat down with his friends on the beach and drank the necessary alcohol as if nothing had happened.”

“We traced the suspect by searching local pawnshops and found that her stolen cell phone had been sold to a cell phone shop in Pattaya for 1,500 baht. The shop owner said Mr Bped (duck in Thai) sold it to them.

“We have identified the 42-year-old suspect as Khun Kreangsak Klomkaew alias ‘Mr Bped Striped Face’ from Rayong. An arrest warrant was issued against him. He got his nickname because of his heavy tattoos.”

“Bped is a regular customer of Pattaya Beach and has been known for hanging out on the beach with friends and being more likely to cause trouble, albeit minor quibbles most of the time. We arrested him there too. He admitted that he assaulted the Russian woman. Bped also confessed to at least nine similar crimes in Rayong. Bped is a career criminal with a long history of crime.”

Colonel Maykawit said, “He is charged with theft and assault. The victim, who suffered a black eye and facial injuries, is recovering.”

Bped said during a reconstruction of the crime: “I have no money and am unemployed. I needed money to buy whiskey and illegal drugs for me and my friends. Pattaya is starting to get tourists with money again after a long shutdown due to Covid-19, so I decided to rob just one for the needed money.

“I punched the woman in the face before taking her things, then went drinking with the money I robbed. Please tell her I’m sorry,” said the regretful optant.

It was not known whether the victim accepted the apology, which also included a wai. I do want to note that although the incident took place on Sunday, the press was only informed yesterday afternoon.

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