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Russian woman’s death in Phuket – suspects arrested


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The investigation into Evgenia Smirnova’s fatal fall in Phuket has resulted in the arrest of two foreigners and one Russian woman

Thai police have arrested three foreigners who were in the same room as the Russian woman who died after falling from a condominium building in Phuket at the time of the accident, the Bangkok Post reports.

While the main investigation into the tragic death continues, the foreign suspects have been detained on charges of possession of drugs found at the scene of the incident. The investigation is currently looking into whether the 37-year-old Russian citizen’s death was an accident or a homicide, said Phuket Police Chief Maj. Gen. Sermphan Sirikkhon.

The three suspects are Natalia Kosenkova, 35, a Russian citizen; Jamaal Antwaun Smith, 38, a U.S. citizen; and Ahmad Radi Mustafa Alatum, 28, a Jordanian citizen. They were all living in room 706 of the condominium in Patong, where Evgenia Smirnova fell from in the early morning hours of May 31.

Police found a small amount of dried cannabis – 1.10 grams – in the apartment. Presumably, the company had been consuming alcohol and cannabis before the Russian woman fell out the window. A used condom was found on the floor of the room. The trio of aliens were charged with conspiracy to possess a Category 5 drug with intent to use.

Police now consider 28-year-old Ahmad Radi Mustafa Alatum to be the prime suspect in the possible murder of Smirnova. The Jordanian was arrested at Phuket airport as he was about to leave the island province. He will have to undergo an examination to determine if his DNA matches the hair bundle investigators found in the hand of the deceased at the scene of her death. The investigation into the case is ongoing.

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