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Sex doll frightened vacationers on a beach in Thailand


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Hyperrealistic sex doll on the beach in Thailand frightened vacationers, who mistook her for a dead woman

Locals were shocked while vacationing on Bang Saen beach in Chonburi province, near Pattaya. Panicked, vacationers called police when they discovered the “body” of a young woman on the beach.

The incident occurred on August 18. A naked woman was reportedly seen on the beach, showing no signs of life.

Visitors to the beach were shocked and called the police to Bang Saen Beach. In addition to the police, paramedics rushed to the scene, turning on the siren. They were ready to cover the scene of the “murder” with criminal tape, but after they squeezed the woman’s leg, they unmistakably determined – in front of them a rubber doll.

According to the officers, the local beachgoers were frightened by a hyper-realistic Japanese AV idol sex doll. Such sex dolls cost about $500 and bear a real resemblance to a woman’s body. They can be ordered online, and Asian men often substitute the dolls for real interactions with women.

Law enforcement authorities suggested that the toy was first dumped into a canal or river before being swept into the sea and brought ashore. Police added that the owner of the silicone woman could take her back from the lifeguard station at the beach.

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