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Sex workers and bar staff in Bangkok demand monthly financial aid


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Yesterday, high-heeled shoes and underwear stood on the floor at the gate outside the government building in Bangkok as the city’s sex workers and other bar and nightlife workers demanded monthly payments. The Covid19 restrictions have closed bars and nightclubs, leaving many unemployed people working for months.

Only a group of about 20 people gathered, some wearing bikinis over their clothes. Due to restrictions in Bangkok, no more than 20 people are allowed to gather. High heels were neatly fastened with posts. On a sign was written: ‘No money. no honey. No GDP (BIP). “

The participants in the demonstration, supported by the Thai sex workers organization Empower Thailand, asked the government for alms of 5,000 baht a month until their workplaces could be reopened. Nightlife in Bangkok has been closed since April and will probably remain closed for a while given the current Covid-19 situation.

Representatives from bars, karaoke venues, massage parlours and spas spoke about the problems they were facing as a result of government-imposed closures to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

In a report from Coconuts Bangkok, an activist told reporters that sex workers generate income for the country and that during that time, workers earn compensation from the government.

While the issue of prostitution and the work of many barmaids in Thailand has been kept quiet and their work unrecognized by government officials, workers are unable to access government funding to help them through the pandemic.

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