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Singaporean woman eats delicious ‘vegetable soup’ in Northern Thailand and ends up in a coma


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As an unsuspecting tourist in Thailand, you have to be careful these days. A woman from Singapore who was on holiday there with family can talk about that. For dinner, she spooned down a delicious vegetable soup with the exotic name ‘kangkung’. Not much later, however, she felt nauseous and sleepy, and for good reason. It turned out that she had eaten cannabis soup!

Yum, delicious exotic Thai food on holiday!!
“Singaporean woman mistakes cannabis for ‘kangkung’ in the delicious vegetable soup while on vacation in Thailand,” headlines Malaysian news site MalayMail.com this week.

It’s a striking (but otherwise fortunately harmless) consequence of the legalization of cannabis in the popular Asian holiday destination. Something to which the Asian tourists from the region still have to get used to, as it turns out.

Self-portrait of the Singaporean woman after eating the 'delicious vegetarian vegetable soup'… [image: forstration/Shutterstock]
Self-portrait of the Singaporean woman after eating the ‘delicious vegetarian vegetable soup’… [image: forstration/Shutterstock]
The more so since everyone loves Thai food and the menu in Thailand has countless exotic, local dishes. Enter our Singaporean wife who was on holiday with hubby, mother-in-law and two children. During their stay in a hotel near Chiang Rai, the lady decided to go crazy and have the ‘delicious vegetarian soup’ for dinner. And she knew that too!

‘The woman however got a lot more than a food coma after trying a unique Thai soup’, the said website writes rather dryly about the remarkable incident. And: ‘After enjoying a delicious vegetarian soup, the woman started to feel nauseous and sleepy later in the evening.’

The next morning she returned to the restaurant and checked the menu. The woman then realized that the ‘kangkung’ – meaning ‘water spinach’ – in her soup were actually cannabis leaves.

And we can link that directly to the recent legalization of cannabis in Thailand. “Many companies in Thailand have started infusing ganja into food and products,” the editors of MalayMail.com wrote.

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