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Som Tam saleswoman in Thailand makes the Buriram hot as she sells that hot stuff in sexy lingerie


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A feisty som tam saleswoman in Buriram brings in 10,000 baht a day selling the traditional Thai regional dish Som Tam, …… but how?

The public secret lies in its unique marketing campaign. She posts photos of herself wearing a bikini top and lingerie while making the spicy papaya salad and posing by her stall. She uses two signboards, the first shows a cartoon of a large-breasted woman lifting her shirt to reveal her small red bikini. And the second sign she carries with her resignedly!

Pookie’s advice to her colleagues is, “If you have it, show it off”, Pookie has it, so she does.

Pookie, 28, poses for photos in her bikini outside her shop “Namto Tam Pa” in Dong Yai Pattana village in Buriram in northeastern Thailand. Pookie’s som tam stall has become so popular that her friend has been called in to help out not only by serving customers but also by accompanying Pookie in her to spread her marketing strategy widely.

Initially, Pookie posted a photo in her bikini near her shop on Facebook and received so much criticism that she lost confidence and would not open her shop for fear of being reprimanded by locals. Everything changed for Pookie when she stopped caring about people’s opinions and opened her shop. Now Pookie answers 300 calls a day from customers in Buriram and surrounding provinces. Pookie even has one customer all the way in Nong Khai, more than seven hours away on the border of Laos, who comes to her to enjoy her “delicacy”.

Pookie’s advice to her fellow entrepreneurs is, “Be brave enough to do the right thing…and if you have it, show it off”.

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Information and source -Sanook News

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