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Spanish national coach discredited after World Cup kiss: “Scandalous situation”


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Jorge Vilda, the coach of the Spanish women’s football team, has expressed his dissatisfaction with the inappropriate actions of association president Luis Rubiales. Rubiales kissed Jennifer Hermoso on the mouth after winning the World Cup final. Vilda spoke of a “downright outrageous situation,” which he said overshadowed the glory of their recent World Cup victory.

Jorge Vilda noted that Rubiales’ behaviour goes against the “principles and values” he stands for. He added: “I disapprove of any form of macho behaviour. It has no place in a progressive society.” In addition to Vilda, Xavi, the coach of FC Barcelona, ​​has also expressed his support for Hermoso and the women’s team. “Unacceptable,” Xavi said.

Eleven technical staff members have already resigned, and several Spanish internationals have stated that they no longer want to play for the national team as long as Rubiales is still at the helm. This is partly due to the Spanish federation that issued a statement that only exacerbated the situation. They branded Hermoso a liar and said the kiss was mutual.

The whole controversy started when Rubiales publicly kissed Spain international Jennifer Hermoso on the mouth during the ceremony after winning the World Cup. This action caused a stir among fans, media, and the football organization itself.

In response to the scandal, FIFA suspended Luis Rubiales for 90 days. During this period, he must not hold any football-related position and must avoid all contact with Hermoso.



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