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Street daisy on Pattaya’s beach road rips an unsuspecting German tourist


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68-year-old Thomas, a German tourist, explains to police how he was the victim of a warm hug on Pattaya’s beach road, a crime in which a tourist is robbed and robbed by a beach prostitute is something we haven’t heard from them in almost two years.

With most of the city’s nightlife closed and shrouded in darkness, it’s still a wonder that passion crimes against tourists are still rife in our city.

But as they say, there are opportunities in times of crisis and there is no rest for the wicked.

Earlier this week, police were called in late at night to rescue a distraught man who had been robbed at Soi 13/1 on Pattaya Beach Road.

Police arrived on the scene and found Mr Thomas, a 68-year-old German tourist in shock and distress and unable to believe what had happened to him.

Thomas told police he was taking a leisurely stroll along the largely dark and deserted soi when he was accosted by a defiantly dressed girl who made sexual advances at him.

The “hug trick” happened on Pattaya Soi 13/1, about which Thomas told: “The girl came close to me and put her arms around me, caressing my body while offering me her sexual services. I can still remember the woman wearing an orange tiny top that clung to her breasts and wearing a very, very short blue skirt

“Refusing her sexual advances, I broke away from her intense embrace and rushed to my motorcycle. When I got to my bike, I noticed my wallet was missing with 15,000 baht. I immediately realized that the street daisy had ripped me.”

The police team led by Pol. Captain Amornthep Petchtim accompanied Thomas to Pattaya Police Station on July 7 to file an official report of the incident. Meanwhile, recordings from all CCTV cameras in the area are scrutinized in search of clues and the identity of the seductive criminal lady.

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