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Super Poll reveals what Thai citizens truly want from the government


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The Super Poll has published research results showing that citizens care about their survival and justice in the country. The poll set the goal to find out what the most important issue is that the government should solve. The number 1 result came to survival, citizens want the government to solve the issue on high expenses, making surviving in the country harder every day.

Dr. Noppol Kanika Assistant Professor and the director of Super Poll Thailand reported the results of quantitative research and qualitative research from citizens of all occupations with a total of 1,094 examples conducted from 3 June to 15 June 2019.


87% of citizens from a combination of Bangkokians and citizens from all over the country agree that there is little to no justice in politics. But, when asked what is the 1st issue in the country that the government should focus on, out of all the citizens 84.4% want the government to resolve the issue of survival concerning a pattern of low income and high expenses. Citizens stated that their incomes have been falling throughout the years instead of rising.

Only 4% of the citizens want the issue of injustice found in politics to be solved. This displays that the issue of survival comes first, citizens don’t have time to focus on other aspects when they are struggling with the survival of their family. 3 % of citizens want the government to develop the nation and 2.6% want the government to help solve the transportation issues including traffic and road accidents.


2.5% want the government to solve corruption problems and 3.5% wants the government to solve other issues, such as the education system, flooding, and employment benefits.

Super Poll reveals that although most citizens see and realize that there is no justice in politics, the real concern is on the survival as income is extremely low compared to the daily expenses. The biggest concern is that the issue of corruption received one of the lowest percentages.

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