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Sunday, April 14, 2024
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The ban on e-cigarettes remains in force in Thailand!

The Thai government today confirmed its stance against vaping, saying e-cigarettes affect the health of vapers, more than half of whom are considered to...

According to an American scientific study, frequent vaping ensures that you can no longer get “stiff”

Patanavanich, of the Department of Community Medicine at Ramathibodi Hospital, announced that according to one nationwide US study, the use of e-cigarettes may more...

What IS the current and future status of Vaping in Thailand? We take an in depth look

Confusion appear to reign this week as what appeared to be two conflicting statements were issued from the Excise Department of Thailand and the...

New Study Finds That Vaping Could Be Damaging Your Immune System

Vaping: A new study suggest that e-cigarettes may not be as healthy as previously thought. The study, conducted at the University of Birmingham, found that in...

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