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Thai father spends 600,000 donations on alcohol, beats his wife, and makes one rape attempt


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A sad story has happened in this province after a video clip of a little girl asking for soup in a restaurant went viral. The video clip showed one little girl, 6 years old, asking for free soup, saying it was for her family to eat it with rice. The video clip went viral, with many Thai citizens wanting to help, and together raised more than 600,000 Baht. 

The truth behind this heartbreaking story was revealed by the fact that the father spent the money on alcohol, beat his wife, and tried to rape a neighbor. The girl is 6 years old and regularly requests free soup from a local restaurant. When asked who told her to come and ask for the soup, the girl replied that it was her mother.

The Khaosod News team searched the house and found a shed that looked like a small shed with hardly any furniture in it. Sanit, the 38-year-old mother of a 6-year-old studying in class 1 at Nong Tamlung Temple School, said she asks her daughter to beg for free soup almost every day. This is their daily meal of soup and rice for the family consisting of 5 relatives. Sanit’s mother said the father works and earns 500 baht a day, but he doesn’t work every day. There has been no work at all for the past few months. The family often asks for money from others and the lives on the free soup.

Sukon Sawansaksin, the head of the Chonburi city district and related officials, visited the family on April 1, 2022. Officials gave the family food and water. The family received 632,338 baht from compassionate internet users. The mother stated that her husband regularly beats her. The police have arrested the heavy-drinking father, Khun Pornprom.

A neighbor claimed that Pornprom tried to rape her, but she managed to fend him off and got help from others. Officials will now step in to help manage the money so that it can be used for its proper purpose. The remaining money will be used for daily expenses and education for the 3 children in the family.

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