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Thai health department advises Covid “safe” sex, so wear a mask and use a condom


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Thai health department advises Covid “safe” sex, so wear a mask and use a condom

Wear a condom… with a face mask, choose a sex position that is not face-to-face, do not kiss and certainly do not use tongues and make it a quickie, advises the Thai Ministry of Health.

This well-intentioned warning was published after a prostitute in western Thailand contracted the Covid19 virus, so the Thai health service issued nine guidelines to practice safe sex in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

In addition to kissing, oral sex and anal sex, the health authorities say shower before sex and use disinfectant to clean the bed or other areas where sex is being performed.

But one should always maintain a safe distance between faces, that’s not so easy, your news bear understands, but don’t worry, below I have the so-called “Coronasutra” image especially for you.

According to the director of the Department of Health’s Office of Reproductive Health, Dr. Peerayuth Sanukul, people should avoid sex with strangers because sex parties can lead to a cluster outbreak.

The doctor says that before engaging in sexual activities, people should think about safe sex procedures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. People at high risk of contracting the virus, those recently infected and those awaiting test results should all refrain from having sex to reduce the risk of transmitting it to others, said Peerayuth Sanukul

In June, the health ministry recommended that loved ones and spouses at risk of Covid-19 infection should avoid sex altogether, especially those waiting for a test result. The doctor had also warned against having sex with strangers.

With the prostitute in Kanchanburi, a province bordering Myanmar, who recently tested positive for the Covid19 virus, the department came up with guidelines to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 during sexual intercourse.

  1. Wash your hands and shower before and after sex.
  2. Avoid kissing as the Covid-19 virus can spread through saliva.
  3. Avoid oral sex or anal sex as the Covid-19 virus can be contaminated in the stool
  4. Use condoms, dental dams, and rubber gloves to reduce contact with saliva or other types of secretions.
  5. Wear a mask to cover your nose and mouth during sex to prevent the spread of infection through heavy breathing.
  6. Prefer positions where you are not face-to-face while having sex to avoid contact with saliva or other secretions and spend as little time as possible (actually a quickie.)
  7. Avoid group sex or switching sex partners.
  8. Use disinfectants such as 70% alcohol, laundry detergent, bleach to clean the sleeping area or surface where sex was performed.
  9. Condoms, disposable tampons, dental dams and rubber gloves that are contaminated with secretions should be disposed of in a covered container.

Written especially for you to hang above your bed, or keep in your wallet, the Coronasautra sex positions in the Covid-19 era.

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