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Thai mother peddles her baby and leaves her on the side of a canal in Bangkok


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Thai mother peddles her baby and leaves her on the side of a canal in Bangkok

In Bangkok, a baby was found on the side of the Ta Khlai Canal in the Bangkok suburb of Nonthaburi after the mother tried to give the baby away, the 11-month-old girl has since been transferred to a state orphanage. 

The girl’s mother was seen earlier this week trying to hand over her child to passersby time and again, including stopping cars to deliver the baby through the window before giving up and annoyed the baby at the bank of the Ta Khlai Canal in Nonthaburi. A 24-year-old woman found the baby by the canal and took her to take care of her and find a solution.

She took the baby to her friend’s house in Bang Yai and looked after her with the help of the milk bottle and some children’s clothes left with the baby. Now, after taking care of the baby for 2 days, the baby has been handed over to the state and will stay in a government shelter.

The mother returned to the area where she had left her daughter later that evening and was seen wandering. The woman who took the baby home spoke to the mother and asked what she wanted to do with the baby. The 26-year-old mother from Nakhon Sawan said she just didn’t want to and she definitely didn’t want to raise the child.

The woman who rescued the baby was concerned for the baby’s safety and called authorities. The mother made clear her full intention to give up her child, although her reasoning and motivation are not fully known. But she left the baby with a signed birth certificate, which had to be adopted by the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security.

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