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Thai National Police joined the investigation into the death of a Russian woman in Phuket


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Senior officials from Thailand’s Royal Thai National Police have joined the investigation into the death of a Russian woman who died after falling from a condominium in Phuket

A Russian citizen, 35-year-old Evgeniya Smirnova, fell from an eight-story building at The Emerald Terrace near Phra Barami Road in Patong. The fatal accident happened early Tuesday morning, May 31. Police and rescue workers were called to the scene around 4:30 a.m., where they discovered Smirnova’s body. The death was determined to be the result of head trauma from a fall.

Three other people who had been in the Russian woman’s company at the condominium prior to the incident were arrested the next day on drug charges. The room where Smirnova was staying was found to contain 1.10 grams of finely chopped dried marijuana in a clear plastic bag, Phuket provincial police chief Maj. Gen. Sermphan Sirikong said.

Russian citizen Natalya Kosenkova, 35, U.S. citizen Jamaal Antwaun Smith, 38, and Jordanian citizen Ahmad Radi Mustafa Alatum, 28, were arrested Wednesday, June 1, and taken to Patong Police Station. The arrested foreigners were charged with category five drug possession. Alatum, a Jordanian, was detained earlier in the day at Phuket International Airport as he was waiting to board a flight to leave the province. All three were questioned about the incident involving the death of Russian citizen Smirnova, but all are still unwilling to cooperate with the investigation.

National Police Commissioner General Suwat Chengyodsuk has instructed the investigation team to conduct a thorough investigation into the case, using credible witness testimony and forensic evidence to draw quick and accurate conclusions.

Colonel Krishna Pattanacharoen, the deputy spokesman for the Royal Thai Police, confirmed that the deceased Russian woman had entered Phuket on May 25. At this point, the investigation does not rule out that Smirnova fell in an accident, nor does it rule out the possibility that her companions were involved in the woman’s death.

Colonel Krishna explained that as part of the investigation, officers inspected the scene of the crime and studied CCTV footage installed in the apartment, as well as interviewed possible witnesses who were near the scene at the time of the incident. Three foreigners arrested on drug charges who attended the party and were drinking with the deceased Smirnova the night she died are also still being questioned, a Royal Thai Police spokesman said.

Smirnova’s body has been sent to Wachira Hospital for an autopsy and forensic examination. Perhaps the results of the examination will help understand how the woman’s death occurred. The results will also be forwarded to the Foreign Affairs Division of the Royal Thai Police, the Immigration Police and the Russian Embassy, Colonel Krishna assured.

Police General Suwat Chengyodsuk explained that while the investigation is ongoing, people should only trust official sources of information about the case and not trust outside sources that could cause confusion by spreading misinformation. He also added that establishing trust among locals and tourists is important, so cooperation is needed at this point.

Police said that if anyone has any information about the case, report to the Royal Thai Police call center at 191 or 1599, both of which are available 24 hours a day.

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