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Thai parents just as addicted to gaming as their kids


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The head of the Innovation and Inventor Association of Thailand has told parents of children addicted to gaming to find alternative activities for their youngsters.

Panawatnan Kramat’s comments come after the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) added the condition of “Gaming Disorder” to its list of diseases in a latest revision.

Sufferers of the condition lack control over their gaming habits to the point that they prioritize gaming over all else and continue gaming despite negative consequences.

Gamers have been advised to take at least ten-minute breaks per hour or risk succumbing to the condition

Panawatnan thinks that is all well and good but parents should really try and introduce other activities to their children to stop them playing endlessly on computers and smart phones.

Thailand’s Ministry of Health revealed that more than two million of its youth are at the risk of being addicted to gaming

The ministry, however, is teaming up with 84 organizations to come up with solutions for controlling this ever-growing addiction.

Steps are being taken to raise awareness about this epidemic and to establish a monitoring system for those affected by it.

Parents are being told to limit their child’s game play to two hours and choosing games that are constructive, educational and increases the bond between them.

Dr. Piyasakol urged the parents to set a good example for their kids, by only playing at appropriate time and location since many are just as addicted to their devices as the kids are.

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