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Thai police urge public to stop car horn madness


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Thai police urge public to stop car horn madness

Thai “Thai Rath” covered the latest viral frenzy on the internet, describing it as extremely dangerous and illegal.  

The Thai population is currently experiencing a hype to encourage the occupants in cars to honk that time, they do this by making a three-finger gesture on the side of the road.

The pl. Chief Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police, General Damrongsak Kittiprafat, in charge of transport affairs, said this must stop NOW as it could lead to accidents.

He said it is dangerous for children to be off the road and filmed, and it can cause truck drivers to lose concentration and irritate and distract other road users.

He cited the 1979 traffic law that states that honking the horn is only allowed when used to prevent accidents.

He urged truck drivers not to honk, as doing so would be against the law and could result in a 500 baht fine.

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