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Thai woman runs naked on Sukhumvit Road in Chonburi . after rear-end collision


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Traffic on Sukhumvit road in Chonburi was severely blocked yesterday morning after a woman ran naked across the road. At about 7 a.m., officers from Saensuk Police Station and rescuers arrived on the scene after the incident was reported.

The naked woman was quite upset and yelled at people to stay away from her, claiming she was infected with the Covid19 virus.

The woman was identified as a local resident of Mueang district where the incident took place. The 58-year-old woman would be “insanity resistant” at that time so that the police did not dare to intervene in the first instance

A witness to the accident described what happened, although the first person testimony did little to make the incident less bizarre. The witness said the incident started with a rear-end collision with the Sukhumvit when a pickup truck and sedan collided, although it was not specified who caused the accident. But the woman got out of the passenger car excited and apparently naked.

It is currently uncertain whether the woman was driving completely naked or whether she took off her clothes immediately after – or if she took them off for some reason because of the car accident.

The woman appeared to have fled from the accident and became enraged, running naked across the street, screaming and yelling at people. It took police and rescue workers about an hour to take the woman into custody. Police and rescue had to don full PPE to get hold of the combative woman after she claimed to have Covid19.

The naked woman was taken to a local hospital to assess her condition and test her for Covid-19. In the meantime, her relatives are contacted to gain insight into whether the woman has a history or background of psychological problems.

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