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Thai women take AXE to car parked outside their house


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Thai women take AXE to car parked outside their house

The two so-called ‘furious aunts’ were handed a suspended jail term, on top of a fine of Bt12,000 each, for taking a steel axe to a car blocking the gate of their home in Bangkok’s Prawet district last year.

Rattanachat Saengyoktrakarn and Maneerat Saengpattarachote made headlines in February 2018 after video clips of their crimes went viral.

Public condemnations that flooded their way quickly turned to sympathy, though, after people learned how their family had struggled with the disorderly parking of the customers of surrounding illegal markets.

The owner of the car they attacked, for example, had parked the vehicle right in front of their gate, making it impossible for the family’s vehicle to go into and out of the house.

The Phra Khanong Provincial Court convicted Rattanachat and Maneerat of damaging the property of another person.

However, the court noted that there were grounds for leniency.

“Both have confessed to their crime, which was done out of stress and anger accumulating over a long period of time.

As well, they have submitted Bt50,000 in cash to pay the owner of the damaged car,” the court noted.

The court reduced the fine from Bt18,000 each to Bt12,000 each.

The standard three-month jail term was reduced to two months and then suspended given that both defendants had not previously committed a crime.

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