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Thailand has been named…..


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So the annual Misery index has just been calculated, and Thai PM Prayut Chan-o-cha is ecstatic about Thailands rating as the “least miserable” economy.

As published in the latest Bloomberg misery index. The annual misery index has been calculated from a country’s unemployment rate and inflation.  The index compares the average of the Economists ’ forecast for each country.

And it seems there’s always room for improvement as the United States has moved six places to 13th and the UK has improved four spots to hit number 16 as the least miserable.

In the 2009 index Thailand managed to score 2.1 which incidentally is the same score it received last year. From 62  economies rated by Bloomberg, it makes Thailand the least miserable.

Switzerland seems to do well, they improved their place to second lease miserable and on the flipside, Venezuela has been rated the most miserable economy with inflation project at about 6 million per cent this year.

Bloomberg has stated that Thailand is often rated the least miserable due to their rather unorthodox way of counting employment as well as their very low fertility rate and the ageing population.

The bank of Thailand has listed Thailand’s unemployment rate at 0.9% and inflation at 1.1 last year.

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