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Thailand tourism return: Government told to “be brave” and open travel bubbles allowing Chinese tour groups


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Thailand tourism return

A collection of tourism businesses and organisations headed by the Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce will be contacting Thailand’s Covid-19 co-ordinating committee (CCSA) this week to press the government to establish travel bubbles with low risk countries, reported Thai Rath.

The move particularly relates to starting travel bubbles with twenty provinces in China.

Among the provinces they specifically mention Guangzhou that is ready to send Chinese tour groups to Thailand.

The CoC, hoteliers and other tourist organisations that will put their name to the letter want to see a pilot scheme set up between Guangzhou and Phuket.

The economic situation on the holiday island is seen as so dire and in imminent danger of complete collapse meaning that urgent help to revive tourism there is needed.

Narongsak Phutthaphrommongkhon, chief of the Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce, said that operators in the tourism sector understand the need to stop infections and recognise Thailand has had a few cases in recent days.

But the country needs to think about the economy and appreciate the worldwide recognition it has for its Covid response and capabilities.

Narongsak asked the government to make a brave decision to introduce travel bubbles and start with the Phuket pilot.

Source: Thai Rath

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