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Thai fans of the hit series “Game of Thrones” were left baffled by a local streaming service’s decision to censor footage of two characters kissing.

AIS Thailand, which won the rights to live stream the series at the same time it was released in the U.S., confirmed some scenes were edited from last night’s episode after fans compared notes on social media and realized they had missed out.

“As for the Game of Thrones series that AIS [livestreamed] from HBO … some scenes were censored and removed,” AIS confirmed in replies to incredulous fans on the popular Pantip web forum.

Scenes edited out by AIS included a joyless threesome involving Ser Bronn – in which a minor plot revelation was implied – and a relatively innocuous moment when protagonists Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen shared a kiss in front of a waterfall.

No explanation was given by AIS, though some fans suspect the live streaming service balked at showing Jon and Daenerys kissing because the pair are related by blood.

The situation got even more confusing when AIS said the episode can be viewed in full through the streaming service’s playback mode.

“I understand that showing boobs is illegal, but why can we view them in playback? I’m confused,” user Stardust Revolution wrote. “And why did they remove the kissing scene? I’m very confused.”

“Even the kissing part was cut. How did they come up with that?” user AfterSix wrote.

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