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Thailand’s cabinet nods in agreement to PR plan to attract foreign investment


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The Thai cabinet has given the green light for a plan to grant a maximum of 100 foreign nationals and 50 stateless persons a permanent residence permit (PR) in Thailand this year, the plv. government spokesman, Traisuree Taisaranakul.

The cabinet approved draft guidelines from the Prime Minister’s Office and the Interior Ministry regarding foreign nationals seeking permanent residence in Thailand.

Both guidelines were approved by the National Immigration Commission. This commission has set a limit for non-Thai to obtain permanent residence in Thailand at no more than 100 foreigners per year and no more than 50 stateless persons per year.

Traisuree said the move is intended to encourage foreigners to invest and work in Thailand.

“This is a way to attract investment to the country while increasing the confidence of foreign investors,” she added.

This policy could also help encourage foreigners who plan to live with their families in Thailand permanently, the spokeswoman said.

She said that foreigners have different reasons for seeking permanent residence in this country. Some of them come here for work and investment, while others continue to live with their families, spouses or children.

Traisuree said the Thai economy would benefit from capable foreigners looking to do business or invest in the country as they could create more jobs and incomes here.

“After all, the Thai economy still wants more investment from abroad,” she added.

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