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The best hospital in Bangkok for expatriates and medical tourists


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Which hospital to choose in Bangkok while on vacation in Thailand – of course the one chosen by local ex-pats!

Weitani is not only one of the best private hospitals in Thailand, but also one of the most popular hospitals for ex-pats and tourists in need of medical care. There are various features of our facilities, patient care, and experience that make us the best choice.

Weitani Hospital provides innovative medical services that meet international standards and are delivered with compassion and understanding to ensure patients are comfortable during their visits.

Orthopedic Specialists

Weitani Hospital specializes in providing comprehensive orthopedic care and services to those with bone and joint problems. Our team consists of the most respected orthopedic experts and surgeons in Bangkok. All of our specialists are highly qualified, and many of them have developed their skills through experience in Thailand, the United States and Europe.

Our excellence in treating musculoskeletal disorders has earned our hospital the nickname “King of Bones”. We have centers that specialize in specific orthopedic problems, including our Orthopedic Center, Total Joint Replacement Center, Spine Center, and Advanced Rehabilitation Center.

Our diverse teams of orthopedic and surgical specialists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists can collaborate to solve a wide range of problems and develop effective treatment plans for any situation. We use the latest technology to help provide the best treatments available.

Weithani Hospital offers the most advanced orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation in Bangkok. Our team provides holistic care that ensures our patients fully understand their situation and the best options available to them. This not only ensures superior quality of care, but also an excellent experience for all of our patients.

Patient Services.

High-quality medical services and responsive, attentive staff make Weitani Hospital great for any patient. We have an international patient care team that helps international patients easily schedule visits to our hospital and communicate their medical needs to our staff.

Weitani’s international patient care team provides unparalleled hospitality in nine languages to ensure that our hospital is accessible to all. We also have an information kiosk at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport to help tourists with medical services as soon as they arrive, and international offices in eleven different countries outside of Thailand to help visitors before they arrive in the kingdom.

We also provide various services to ensure your medical visit runs smoothly. We can offer assistance with visa renewal in Thailand, coordination with international insurance companies, repatriation assistance, and arrangements for visitors with special dietary requirements. We make every effort to meet all of our patient’s needs throughout their stay, regardless of where they are from.

Visit Weitani Hospital

If you’re looking for one of the best hospitals in Thailand with incredible medical care and attentive care, look no further than Weitani Hospital. We are often considered the best hospital in Thailand for expatriates and medical tourists, offering expert care and ensuring that they have everything they need to communicate their needs and have a great experience.

You can learn more about our global patient services and consult with our staff in a private chat @thai_medical_bot.

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