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The mayor of Pattaya is sticking to the plan to receive foreign vaccinated tourists in this city by September 1


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Pattaya Mayor Sonthaya Khunplume met with his deputy mayors and relevant tourism agencies in Pattaya yesterday, July 7, to discuss reopening the city to foreign vaccinated tourists without a strict 14-day quarantine, such as On Phuket (and soon Surat Thani).

According to the mayor of Pattaya, the city plans to open to foreign vaccinated tourists in September in a program similar to the Samui Plus program.

They have also explored the possibility of using Koh Larn, where the majority of the population is vaccinated, such as a Sandbox, although it is not known whether this will be part of the final plan.

Anyway, the plan is to somehow use the island as part of the program, even if it’s for approved “sealed route” travel as part of the tourism plan. You can read about that proposal here.

The mayor stated that the plan still relied on vaccinating 70% of Pattaya with at least an initial dose of a Covid19 vaccine, which critics have consistently stated online they consider unlikely based on the current state of vaccination in Pattaya. However, the mayor has stated multiple times that vaccines, including vaccines privately ordered by Pattaya City, would be available “soon” without giving a specific date, and that the city has the logistics, staff and infrastructure to deliver quickly. vaccinate. The last part, at least, even some of the most staunch critics online agree, it’s the offer that’s the problem.

The exact details about the plan to reopen the city have not been released and are still in the early planning stages, but according to the mayor, Pattaya is working with the TAT to present the plan to the National Security Council and the Administrative Center for Covid19 Control. , the CCSA, in the very near future.

This does not mean Pattaya’s “grand reopening” and would likely have just as many rules and regulations for arrivals similar to Phuket and Surat Thani. There is also no guarantee that Pattaya’s famous nightlife and entertainment industry, which has now been closed for about three months, would be allowed to reopen for a planned return of foreign vaccinated tourists.

We will provide more updates as more information is released, according to the mayor this should happen in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, Chonburi province is battling hundreds of Covid19 infections every day, although the vast majority are located in construction camps, markets and factories where workers, many of them migrant workers, in densely populated communities.

It is important for you as a guest in Thailand to know that the measures and developments regarding the Covid19 virus (can) change at any moment, don’t blame your news bear if he does not report the changes in time.

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