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TikTokker earns tons of money by selling used socks


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Filler, flash delivery or tutor: there are so many (side) jobs to come up with. But you can also go for a completely different job. That’s probably what TikTokker Billy-Joe Gray thought. He sells his used socks and earns tons of money with them.

OnlyFans gave Billy-Joe the idea to sell his used socks. He has his own OnlyFans page and received several requests from people who wanted used clothes from him. That’s how he got the idea to sell his used socks. He usually sells a pair of socks for between 10 and 30 British pounds (10 pounds is converted to about 12 euros, 30 pounds is about 35 euros, ed.).

@billyjoegrayy #fyp #viral ♬ original sound – Billy-joe gray

Sales are going well, as he sells 5 to 12 pairs of socks a week. When asked if he washes his socks before mailing them, the TikTokker replies in a video: “No, I didn’t wash them. People like them when they are smelly and dirty. That’s how they are sold.”

The TikTokker tells LadBible that he sometimes wears the socks for days. To make them smell extra, he also uses it for sports or walks to work. Americans especially love his socks. “I have a lot of Americans who buy my used underwear and socks and keep them for their own pleasure,” said Billy-Joe.

@billyjoegrayy Reply to @hayleyhammond2003 #fyp #viral ♬ original sound – Billy-joe gray

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