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Two motorcyclists who assaulted a young man in East Pattaya report to Pattaya Police Station


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Two motorcyclists who attacked a young man in East Pattaya earlier this week have turned themselves into Pattaya Police Station.

Earlier this week, a 21-year-old man was seen in public by what witnesses described as a violent attack by two men on a heavy motorcycle.

The two suspects reportedly turned themselves in to the Pattaya Police Station the day before yesterday, admitting they were the ones who attacked a young man in public in the Nong Prue community.

However, the arrest was only announced this afternoon by police in Pattaya.

Krailas, last name not mentioned by the police, one of the suspects, admitted that he knew the victim and that they had argued about their big motorcycles before (this was also the first assumption of the police).

On the day of the attack, a friend of the Krailas told him that the victim was laughing at him and his bike, which infuriated Krailas to run-up to the victim with another friend and give him a good few blows.

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