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Ukraine war: Pregnant woman and baby die after hospital shelled


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Ukraine war: Pregnant woman and baby die after hospital shelled

The injured pregnant woman whose photo went around the world after the airstrike on the Mariupol maternity hospital has died. That reports the American news agency AP. Her unborn baby didn’t make it either.

Last Thursday, the children’s hospital and maternity hospital in the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol was destroyed by a Russian bombardment. Three people were killed and seventeen injured.

AP news agency took pictures of the hospital evacuation. One of the photos that went viral was of a heavily pregnant woman being taken away on a stretcher.

It has since been announced that this woman and her baby did not survive the attack. The woman was taken to another hospital after the bombing. She eventually died there from her injuries. Her baby, who was delivered by Caesarean section, turned out to be lifeless.

Another heavily pregnant woman who was also photographed by AP survived. She gave birth to daughter Veronika, who was named after Nike, the Greek goddess of victory.

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