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Unknown man insulted Russian President Putin in Thailand


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Unknown man insulted Russian President Putin in Thailand

An anti-Putin inscription left by vandals on a rock in a national park in Phuket has angered park staff and Thai police

Thai police and Sirinat National Park officials are looking for the perpetrators of the vandalism that left an anti-Putin inscription on a rock near Nai Thon beach in Sirinat National Park in Phuket, the Phuket News reported.

A foreign tourist on Phuket’s Nai Thon beach this morning was the first to notice the writing that had appeared on the rocks and immediately reported it to lifeguards, said Nattawut Bunnakaev, one of the beach lifeguards. They walked along the shore to check the message of the foreigner, after which they closed the beach to swimming. There were no signs at 7 p.m. yesterday, Nattawut assured.

The rock on which the writing was placed is about 300 meters from the lifeguard station on the beach. The part written in English reads, “Putin is a murderer, stop the war.” Below that is an obscene and insulting insult to the president of the Russian Federation, written in Russian.

Nattawut reported the vandalism to the Sakhu police as well as to Sirinat national park officials, since the rock is within the national park’s boundaries. Police officials said they would check security camera footage in the area and identify the vandal. National park officials said the graffiti will be removed from the rock as soon as possible.

“A lot of people on the beach who saw the writing were very disappointed by it,” Nattawut said.

This is not the first time natural elements have fallen victim to vandals “marking” places to visit in Thailand. In February 2020, a tourist was condemned for painting several stones on Nai Thon beach. A Russian street artist under the pseudonym “dem51” was suspected of vandalism.

To claims on the Internet that dem51 had defaced the stones, the “artist” responded dismissively. “They’re just rocks, who cares about them?” – he wrote in response to one of the comments. “I paint where I want. Don’t tell me what to do,” he responded to another comment.

In response to the incident, the head of Sirinat National Park urged people not to do such things and to report if someone else is doing it.

“Please don’t draw, write, advertise or make any writing on such stones. It’s not nice. It’s illegal. If anyone witnesses such painting, please send information to us at www.facebook.com/sirinath.np or call 076-328226 or 076-328226,” urged Nathawat Nuysriram, head of the National Park.

“We are responsible for the protection and maintenance of the national park, and such acts of vandalism will be punishable by a fine of 500 baht,” said Nathawat.

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