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VIDEO – Angry mob allegedly nearly hanged a murderer during a murder reconstruction in eastern Thailand


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It was a wildly chaotic scene yesterday as an angry mob made up of relatives and onlookers attempted to lynch the killer of a factory woman in Rayong, eastern Thailand.

The riot started when the killer was brought to the murder scene for a reconstruction of the murder, it started with whoops and screams and soon the fists were used and the people tumbled over each other in the uproar.

Hundreds of police officers were deployed to maintain security but failed miserably as a police cordon was breached by the angry mob

The incident, which got completely out of hand, happened yesterday at one of the two places where the murder of 23-year-old Yotnam took place on September 6.

Such reconstructions would have ended years ago, but they still exist in Thailand as a means of speeding up the legal process. Sometimes, like yesterday, they fall into chaos. The police have apologized for the unmanageable scenes.

The 50-year-old killer, Udorn Kenma, was arrested for the murder early this week, allegedly assaulting the victim and then stealing her motorcycle

The CCTV footage at a supermarket in Nong Krap police area plus a reward of 50,000 baht led to his arrest in Udon Thani in northeastern Thailand. He had previously served a prison sentence in 2013 for attempted murder.

Yesterday at 10:30 am Major General Mana Inphithak, deputy. Region 2 Chief Superintendent and Chief of Rayong Provincial Police, 200 officers and security personnel to the two reconstruction sites.

It was at the second location where hundreds of relatives and local residents gathered to kill the killer, Khun Udorn. Unable to contain their fury, the enraged people broke through the police cordon and attacked the helmet-wearing killer.

The police tried to protect him, but many were injured during the reconstruction, so the police stopped the reconstruction and made them run away with the police.

An onlooker had said that three officers had been injured, saying that the police would have expected problems with this reconstruction, but that the police had seriously underestimated the extent of the crowd’s anger.

He apologized for the anger of his community but said it had not affected the progress of the case.

Meanwhile, the local people told the reporter that this was a terrible crime and that they wanted the death penalty for the killer.

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