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Video: Bus Driver Attacks Woman Who Told Him To Stop Using Phone


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This is the shocking moment a bus driver attacked a female passenger who asked him to stop using his phone at the wheel.

Footage from last Friday evening shows the female passenger sitting on the left after she had told the bus driver how dangerous it would be for passengers if he kept staring at his phone while driving.

The thirty-two-year-old driver waited for the traffic before walking towards the woman and asking to take a photo of her. But she stopped him and followed him to his seat.

The outraged passenger started hitting the man after the driver pushed her iPhone on the floor, according to the victim’s statement.
The two were seen slapping, punching, pulling each other’s hair with rage. The bus conductor and some male passengers were able to separate them and calm them down.
Weerapong Sookjai, the driver of a Route No 129 bus, later apologised for his behaviour, which bosses said had tarnished the reputation of the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority.
The driver said: ”I admitted that I was very angry at the moment and I didn’t think through the consequences. I’m willing to take the penalty given by the company.
”The passenger told me to stop using my phone while I was driving and I became angry. I did not think I had done anything wrong but now I accept it was a mistake.”
Weerapong was taken off driving duties while bosses investigate the incident. A spokesman for the company said they were trying to resolve it privately with the passenger

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