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Video: Cherry Lapada In Chelsea Strip At Pattaya Bikini Beach Race


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Cherry Lapada In Chelsea Strip At Pattaya Bikini Beach Race

This stunning runner stole the show at a Thai fun run – turning up in a skimpy blue Chelsea football

The woman, named Cherry Lapada, 35, was taking part in the Bikini Beach Race 2019 in Pattaya,
Eastern Thailand, on Saturday, June 8.

While a world record attempt for the most people performing lunges failed, the media were sent into
a frenzy when the actress arrived in the colours of her favourite Premier League football team.

She even had a blue and white scarf – though it would have been more at home on the terraces of
Stamford Bridge than in the sweltering heat of the beach with temperatures approaching 40C.

After posing for pictures, Cherry took part in the 3km run which she successfully completed in her
cotton football socks pulled up to her knees.

The part-time model became a star thanks to her revealing bikini, with domestic media coverage
nominated with pictures and articles on Cherry.

Asked if she had ever been to a Chelsea match, she said: ”No, I want to. It’s my dream. I will be so
happy if I can go.”


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