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Video: Motorbike taxi rider stabs pump attendant


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Motorbike taxi rider stabs pump attendant

CCTV footage from a gas station in Hat Yai in southern Thailand showed an altercation between a motorcycle taxi rider and a pump attendant.

After an initial argument where a fist fight ensued and a knife was drawn the pump attendant then got in his black pickup that was parked at the gas station.

As the “win” rider and pick-up were exiting the PTT station at the Saphan Dam intersection the pick up driver appeared to cut across the motorcyclist slightly. He then parked and went round to the driver’s side and assaulted the driver as he sat in his vehicle.

Yupharat Kraikhao, 36, was stabbed in the right side of the chest.

The motorcycle taxi guy fled the scene on his Honda Wave.

Yupharat survived and is now recovering in hospital.

Hat Yai police soon had the assailant in custody – he was picked up at the rank at the clock tower in downtown Hat Yai.

He had just been home to change his clothes and admitted his involvement.

He was named as Sudech Suratako, 41. A five inch knife and bloodied clothes were recovered.

He said that he had been angered at being kept waiting for gas and the attendant had spoken badly to him.

He then claimed that he cut in front of him as they exited the gas station which enraged him further.

The pair seemed to have some prior history also, a fact that was intimated on the TNAMCOT TV review of the incident.

Police have charged Sudech with attempted murder and he is now in custody.

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