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Voice TV ordered to shut down for 15 days.


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The National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC) of Thailand has ordered the temporary shut down of Voice Tv for a period of 15 days. The main reasoning behind the order is because Voice TV has been airing TV shows that causes conflict in the society.

The board of NBTC has made the order public on the 12th of this month. Voice TV will not be able to air any of their TV shows and News reports for 15 days, this is must be crucial for the station especially when the timing is so close to the next election date of Thailand. Although Voice TV can file an appeal to the Administrative Court within 30 days counting from the date that the order was issued.

Lieutenant General Peerapong Manakij from the Committee of NBTC reported that the NBTC board has come to a meeting resolution of temporary dismiss Voice TV license to air for a period of 15 days beginning from 00.00 of the 13th on this month.

The main reasoning behind this is because Voice TV has aired TV shows that can cause conflict and disagreement in the society. There have been many complaints made against Voice TV since 2015 on broadcasting TV shows and News that creates disagreement among the people. In 2015 Voice TV violated rules on broadcasting information 4 times, in 2016 Voice TV violated rules on broadcasting information 11 times, in 2017 Voice TV violated rules in broadcasting 10 times, and in 2018 Voice TV violated rules in broadcasting 9 times.


Credit: Mthai
The NBTC has notified Voice TV several warnings since 2015. The latest violations of broadcasting information are from the TV show Tonight Thailand on the 16 of December 2018, Breaking News on the 21, 28, 29 of January 2019 and the 4 of February 2019.

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