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Volcanic eruption on Canary Island La Palma


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The Cumbre Vieja volcano has erupted on the Canary Island of La Palma. It is the first eruption on the volcanic island since 1971.

The municipality has called on all islanders to be careful and certainly not to visit the area around the volcano. The images of the eruption and lava flows are spectacular:

The volcano had been restless for some time and there were also warnings about this eruption. The authorities had already started evacuating the elderly and sick. Farm animals had also already been removed.

Residents of nearby villages are now being evacuated. They had already been told in recent days to take this into account.

The last eruption on La Palma was in October 1971, when the volcano Teneguia spewed lava for more than three weeks after a fissure appeared in the south of the island. At the time, a man was killed while taking pictures near the lava flows.

There are also lava flows. That has already led to blocked roads on the 83,000 inhabitants island, but so far no deaths or injuries.

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