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Wanted foreigner and his Thai girlfriend arrested in Pattaya for their drug smuggling abroad


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This week, a wanted foreigner and his Thai girlfriend were arrested in the Pattaya area after they were allegedly involved in smuggling illegal drugs abroad.

The Seaport Interdiction Task Force (SITF) reported that they have arrested two wanted suspects named Alijandro Cruz, 30, a Chinese-Hong Kong national, and Ms Tiwa Treenop, 32, a Thai national.

Police said they were arrested at a house in Nongprue Canton. They seized a bag of ketamine and a vacuum machine for packing medicines into containers) and property worth about two million baht, the official report said.

The secretary of the Narcotics Control Board office, Wichai Chaimongkon, told Thai media: “We were approached by Hong Kong Customs. In July of this year, they said they seized 61 kilograms of heroin in an instant noodle package and linked three Hong Kong-based suspects to the crime. They were investigating the origin of the package here in Thailand.”

“The Seaport Interdiction Task Force (SITF) continued their investigation to determine the source of the package, which was found to have shipped positively from Thailand.”

The drugs were reportedly shipped by Mr Cruz, Tiwa (being the girlfriend of Mr Cruz) and Mr Chua Yik, a Chinese-Hong Kong citizen, a friend of Mr Cruz who was previously arrested when he tried to flee Thailand.

Arrest warrants for the three suspects were issued on Oct. 15 for involvement in cross-border crimes (smuggling illegal drugs abroad, Wichai said).

According to SITF, all three suspects have denied the allegations, although they have remained in police custody pending further investigation. It was not known whether they had been given a lawyer right away and they had not released any official statements to the press.

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