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War among Covid19 patients in a field hospital in Surat Thani, where a patient was attacked with scissors


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A fight among Covid19 patients in a field hospital ended with one injured. The incident took place at Surathani Rajabhat University in Surat Thani province. The fight started over lunch and an 18-year-old patient was stabbed in the back with scissors.  

The Thai newspaper “Sanook News” reported that a brawl broke out at a local field hospital and one of the patients involved in the brawl was arrested. Kritsada, 29, was arrested when he hid on the roof at 1 p.m. Kritsada is the person who stabbed the 18-year-old boy.

Ritdee, the injured young man received primary medical care from the doctors at the field hospital before being transferred to Surat Thani Hospital. The suspect was due to go home on the 20th and received Covid19 care on the second floor.

Ritdee received Covid19 medical care on the first floor. Many of his friends from the capital Surat Thani were on the same floor. The fight started at 12:15 pm while everyone was having lunch. Patients from the first floor went to the suspect on the second floor. Not long after, the quarrel began and a fight ensued. The suspect took a small pair of scissors and stabbed Khun Ritdee.

Friends of Ritdee carried him to the doctors. The suspect ran to the roof of the building to hide. Police arrived and arrested Kritsada before taking him to the police station.

Chainarong Punsin of the university and janitor of the field hospital reported on the incident. Chainarong previously stated that some patients had problems because a lot of food and goods were brought to the hospital for them. There are too few contacts in the field hospital to bring the brought food and goods to the patients, which causes a lot of resentment.

The hospital management issued a new ordinance to prevent patients from ordering food and other items and forbade family members to deliver goods.

The new regulations are due to insufficient control to receive and search the goods. Some patients ordered goods such as cigarettes and Kratom tea. In addition, the fight was due to the two groups of teenagers from different locations having pre-existing problems with each other.

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