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Went to Thailand for work and was taken prisoner


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In Thailand, foreigners who have come to the kingdom to work are recruited as cyber-serfs and taken into labour captivity

The other day we wrote about a girl from Kazakhstan, who came to Thailand on a job invitation and found herself in real captivity.

Another report came from the Uzbekistani social information centre Istiqbolli Avlod (Generation of the Future), which works to combat human trafficking and other forms of violence. The centre said in a statement that Uzbeks who came to work in Thailand were forced to beg wealthy men for money over the Internet under the guise of girls.

One of the callers to the Center’s hotline told of an Uzbek man, not yet 20 years old, who had fallen victim to fraud. He went to Thailand after applying for a job in the logistics industry with a salary of $2,000. All he needed was computer skills and English.

The young man bought plane tickets and flew to Bangkok, where he was met by a man who promised him a job. They travelled to their destination, the Thai-Myanmar border. Upon arrival, Uzbek’s passport was taken from him on the pretext of registering. He was sent to a closed area, guarded on all sides by armed men in military uniforms, and told about his duties.

The job consisted of creating social media accounts in the women’s names and then corresponding with American men to convince them to send money. After receiving the money transfer, the accounts and correspondence were deleted. Thus Uzbek and his unfortunate brothers from different countries are forced to work 18 hours a day. Those who refused and rebelled were locked in a dark room without food for several days.

An Uzbek man asked his recruiter to help him return home. He replied that this was possible if he paid $4500.

“Our partners in Bangkok say there are only two ways to get out of this unfortunate place – escape or pay the specified money. There is no other way,” Istiqbolli Avlod noted.

The centre did not say whether they were able to help the hero of the post or not but urged them to report such cases to them and spread information about this type of slave trade.

Nikita Makarenko, a popular blogger in Uzbekistan, specifies that the scammers bring their victims to the territory known as the Golden Triangle.

“According to Istikboli Avlod, about 10 guys from Uzbekistan are there now. We know that Akbar recruited two of them in Dubai, promising them a job at Saming. Escaping from there is practically impossible since neither the government of Myanmar nor Thailand controls the territory,” Makarenko said.

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