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What about us? Angry expats in Thailand reject proposals to attract wealthy foreigners


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The Thai government’s ambitious proposals to attract a million foreigners over the next five years and bring a trillion baht into the ailing economy – as reported by the Daily News and many other Thai websites – have been flatly rejected by pensioners and foreigners with Thai families who have been contributing to the kingdom for years.

They would like to know from the Thai government: what about us?

They believe that the Thai government does not care about people who have been committed to Thailand for years. They say the cabinet’s decision is just a cynical ploy to try to collect money through taxes – especially from other Asians.

They feel that they have to keep pushing through all kinds of twists and turns, such as 90-day reporting because they don’t have a lot of money to invest and they don’t work in Thailand.

They say they bring enough money into the kingdom, support the local economy, support Thai people as wives and children, but are treated as second-class citizens because they are not the cash cow sought by the Thai government.

They even feel like they are treated more like buffalo. They think they deserve attention and care and not people with more money who leave with the northern sun after a few years.

In general, ex-pats in Thailand find that the “Land of Smiles” is becoming unattractive every year.

Other foreigners point to better and more reliable arrangements for ex-pats like in Malaysia, even Singapore

Other ex-pats suggested that the plans expressed were a sneaky way to turn an Elite card – Thailand’s expensive long-term visa system – into a way to get a residence permit.

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