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Woman breastfeeds her husband: “It has strengthened our relationship”


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Rachel Bailey has been breastfeeding her husband since 2017. According to the 30-year-old woman, many people find this strange, but it has actually strengthened the bond with her husband. Rachel explains to Metro UK why they started breastfeeding and how it has grown into ‘quality time’.


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Rachel had just given birth to her second child, Aria when her husband Alexander started drinking her milk. That started out of necessity the first time. The couple was on a cruise, and Rachel forgot her breast pump. “It felt like my breast was going to explode for more than two days. I was so full. I was in a lot of pain and worried about getting an infection, so we decided that my husband would try to drink the milk from it to keep me safe.” light up.”


According to Rachel, the couple was nervous about the idea of ​​breastfeeding Alexander. “But as soon as we did it, we realized it was fine.” Her husband turned out to be quite like his wife’s breast milk and decided to drink it more often. He also started to notice benefits. “Alexander felt much more energetic when he drank my milk. He also didn’t get sick for two years, and he heard from people that his skin looked better.”


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After giving birth to her third child, Rachel decided to feed her husband at breakfast, lunch and dinner as well. Much to Alexander’s disappointment, she produces less milk these days and can only be fed at night. “Of course, I first make sure that my three children get enough to eat. Everything left over goes to my husband.”


However, Rachel also regrets that she can feed Alexander less often. “We started it because he helped me when I was in pain. But it turned into a moment where we strengthened our emotional bond. I’m sad that those opportunities have diminished because our moments of quality time have been taken away. “

According to Rachel, they have grown much closer together through breastfeeding. “It strengthened our relationship. I loved feeding him because it allowed us to be vulnerable and spend more time together.” The couple does not understand that there is a taboo on the subject. “Nothing bad has come out of it, so why should it be something we must keep to ourselves? We would never feel as happy if we hadn’t started this.”



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