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Ye wanted to name his 2018 album ‘Hitler’


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Ye’s 2018 album would initially be given a completely different, rather remarkable name. The rapper wanted to name his album ‘Hitler’, an anonymous source who worked for years as a business partner with the artist told CNN . He eventually dropped the idea and the album was simply called Ye .

The anonymous source says that he often heard Ye speak positively about Adolf Hitler. “He praised Hitler by saying how incredible it was that he could amass so much power and talked about all the great things he and the Nazi Party had achieved for the German people,” said the source, who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation from Ye. .

The anonymous source’s story may have been fabricated, but Van Lathan, who works at TMZ, recently said Ye’s anti-Semitic statements didn’t come as a surprise to him. According to Lathan, who went viral in 2018 because of an interview with Ye in which the artist said slavery was a choice, Ye had also made anti-Semitic statements in 2018 that have not been broadcast.

“I knew that was in him ,” Lathan said in his own podcast about anti-Semitism in Ye. ” Because when he came to TMZ, he already said stuff like that, but they cut it out of the interview. He said something like, ‘I like Hitler, I like Nazis,’ something to that effect.”

Ye has made several anti-Semitic and hate speech statements in interviews and via social media over the past month. For example, he was a guest on the podcast Drink Champs , where he made several of these statements.

The companies that want nothing more to do with Ye after all the commotion around his person follow each other in rapid succession. After Balenciaga, Adidas, Creative Artist Agency (CAA) and even his bank JPMorgan Chase, his self-founded school, Donda Academy, also announced it would close for the rest of the school year.

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