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You must see these films starring Chadwick Boseman at least once


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Today is August 28, which means that it is exactly three years ago that Chadwick Boseman passed away at the age of 43. Throughout his career, which spanned nearly three decades, the actor managed to steal the show with his believable acting performances. In particular, the roles in which he played various iconic black Americans made a deep impression on the general public. In the meantime, Boseman himself has become one of the most iconic black actors ever. In honour of his legacy, PattayaToday has listed five films starring Boseman that you should definitely see.

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Boseman made his acting debut in 2003 as Reggie Porter on the television series All My Children. However, his breakthrough came ten years later in the biographical film 42, in which he plays the role of Jackie Robinson. At 42watch, Robinson became the first black player in Major League Baseball competition. The legendary baseball player joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, where he made an impact from the start. Despite this, Robinson faced a ton of racism from baseball fans and fellow baseball players alike. Robinson doesn’t care much about that and continues to impress with his skills on the baseball field. His exceptional performances make him one of the best baseball players ever and ensure that racial segregation in the American baseball league is finally abolished.



If you’re even remotely into music, you’ve probably heard of James Brown. The influential singer laid the foundations for the funk genre with his rousing sound and played an important role in the rise of hip-hop. However, Brown is also known as a controversial artist who is difficult to work with. In Get on Up, Boseman shows a side of Brown that is still underexposed for many despite the singer’s legendary status.



Shortly after Boseman’s death, Da 5 Bloods appeared on Netflix, in which the actor can be admired posthumously. In Spike Lee’s war drama, Boseman takes on the role of Norman, the leader of a military unit calling themselves the Bloods. Norman dies during the war between the US and Vietnam, after which his unit falls apart. Before his passing, however, the team had hidden a treasure in the jungles of Vietnam. Years later, they reunite to find this treasure and pay Norman a last respect. This results in an almost surrealistic adventure in which Norman confronts his old team members with their dubious past as a tease.


In Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, we see Chadwick Boseman shine for the very last time as the overconfident trumpeter Levee Green. The film shows the rise of the influential blues singer Ma Rainey (played by Viola Davis) in the 1920s. The film’s star, however, is Boseman, who mainly impresses with his funny but emotional role. As Levee Green, he causes bad blood between Ma Rainey’s band members. He also finds it very difficult to deal with white people. It gradually becomes clear that this is partly due to a traumatic event from his childhood.



You probably already saw it coming, but Black Panther could not be missed from this list. Boseman entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2016 as the superhero Black Panther. He then played another supporting role in Captain America: Civil War but got his first starring role in a superhero film two years later. Boseman experienced his international breakthrough with his role as Black Panther and, at the same time, proved that blockbuster films with black casts can also be blockbusters. The film is largely set in Africa and, therefore, makes many references to various African traditions and contains all kinds of elements from various African cultures. It is partly due to the huge success of Black Panther that the impact of Boseman’s legacy is still felt in the film industry today.



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